Fly By - The Pitch

The "PITCH" project was an initiative from the ESPN Creative Services department to foster creativity outside of day-to-day tasks of the associate designers. This project was structured to involve the designers in all areas of the creative process, including: conceptualizing, brand identity, animation, photography (including a practical shoot), tactile elements, etc. The final step in the process was an interactive presentation pitch to departmental leadership.


Our CEO, once was powerless. He, like all of us, wanted to have the ability to fly, produce fire, run really fast, and heal. The day he saw a hero fly by above him he decided to create a restaurant that by eating the product, the consumer would acquire power. And this is how ‘Fly By’ was born. We decided that it would be easier to create groups based on the type of power the product offered. With these, the six types of power were set: Fire, Energy, Electricity, Heal, Water and Poison. Each of the powers has it's own personality and with it a package design, swatch, patterns and animation. We chose the colors according to the elements and with the power of these six, the logo was created.

Our team worked collectively on conceptualizing the idea and branding of FlyBy, once we had the brand down we worked on different aspects of the "pitch" that played to our individual stregths. Since we had so much information about menu items I wanted to create an app that would highlight all the thought we put into the menu. The app also gave our audience something interactive to click through during our presentation.